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AgriTech Track

Unearthing the future of farming.

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AI, Consumer Tech, Web 3, Infrastructure, Gaming Tracks

Crafting the digital future, one hack at a time.

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Embark on a Journey of Innovation at Hack Days Georgia 2023!

Hack Days Georgia is more than just a hackathon. It’s a platform where you can be at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation. Dive deep into the transformative world of AgriTech or venture into the realms of AI, Consumer Tech, and beyond.

Explore the tracks below and compete for a share of the $30k prize pool.

AgriTech: Fueling Tomorrow’s Agriculture

Agritech is more than a domain; it represents the future of sustainable living. Hack Days Georgia 2023 shines a spotlight on Agritech, recognizing its pivotal role in driving innovation.

AI / Consumer Tech / Web 3 / Infrastructure / Gaming: Shape the Digital Landscape

From harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to diving into the expansive universe of gaming, here’s your shot to shape the future of tech. Stand out with your innovations and compete for the distinguished Nico Kvar Prize, along with a $10,000 grant. 


Total Prize Pool: Up to $30,000

Including the prestigious Nico Kvar Prize and the special Agritech Winner’s Grant, Hack Days Georgia 2023 offers a cumulative prize pool of $30,000. Beyond these main prizes, additional grants sponsored by our esteemed partners will be awarded, recognizing exceptional innovation and creativity across any track.